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Jessie S.
Creator + Founder, Haus of Mildred Léon

About Haus of Mildred Léon

Growing up with a family full of boys, Owner Jessie wasn’t your average little princess. She at the age of four her parents purchased her first faux leopard coat complimented with pearls and faux boots, A green and yellow halter top bathing suit that all male cousins couldn’t fathom because I wore it all the time. While my mother would sit at her vanity, and powder her face I (she would) played dress up in my mother’s clothes, and pretended to be a high fashion model used her closet for wardrobe changes and made my kitchen my runway.

“I’ve always been artsy.” Since I can remember – I’ve always made things such as statures and sculptures from papier mache, clay and beads, and I painted a lot.
My love for fashion has always been infinite; It started with my first creation as a child, my alphabet soup bracelet.

Going to school for Art & Design and graduated (2013) went to LA with only $200 in my pocket from my last job and a one way ticket and ended up working as a social media publicist and fashion somehow fell into my lap. I would always volunteer at LAFW (LA Fashion Week)to meet different designers and pick their brains about their brands also to and Network. Ended up Working in Fashion PR for a small duration of time and through that I worked became a Part Time Stylist, and became styling more eventually on music videos set, photoshoots and doing wardrobe pulls for actors. You know the the life of a stylist, however, I knew I was destined for more than just that. I had to trust the process, because I was worth more, so I took time away from Los Angeles, CA and went off the radar and all the way off social media to dig deep to really remind myself what I’ve been so deeply passionate about all these years. Because time waits for no one, it’s not going to happen overnight, you just have to stay persist and don’t give up. Keep affirming yourself and believing you will reap the benefits of your harvest.

Haus of Mildred Léon believes in bringing you fabulous key staple and statement pieces to your wardrobe. No matter day or night you will make stepping out with your girls will be your favorite thing to do because you will make heads turn.

Our goal is giving every woman that boldness/ confidence to make heads to light up a room presence to feel chic, beautiful, and modern and fashion forward and push past your comfort zone.